The technology

Growing healthy and quality grape requires the efforts of knowledgeable vine-growers, relying on traditions and experience. The grape is selectively picked up twice, aiming at choosing only the best  mature bunches for production of high-quality wines. Grape is transported to the winery in crates, and once on the shake-table and conveyor belt, further selection of grape is performed.

Then follows, destemming and crushing, and controlled and regulated fermentation in 49 stainless steel fermenters, equipped with cooling jackets, digital thermometers, systems for pumping over (remontage, Fr.) and everything needed to obtain the result we are all striving for – a balanced and harmonious wine, with pleasant and fruity aroma. The wine ages and matures in barrique oak casks, in a cellar with good ventilation system and controlled humidity.

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Under such optimal conditions, the wine would follow its natural course – clarification and stabilization, without the drastic intervention of clarification and stabilization agents, and directed by skilled wine-makers. All popular types of wine are result of complex interactions between the biochemical development of the fruit, fermentation reactions, the terroir and the human intervention within the whole process.
We have a modern and fully equipped laboratory, where we can measure all indicators relevant to the wine production and wine development control such as, alcohol content, sugars, total, titratable and volatile acidity, relative weight, sulphur dioxide – total and free, must and wine turbidity, phenolic content, microbiological and colloidal stability.
Laboratory :
Bottling :