Historic sites

Wine production has been traditional way of earning a living since times immemorial.
Vidin District is home to impressive natural wonders (Belogradchik Rocks), protected localities and species (Chuprene Biosphere Reserve),
and numerous cultural and historical monuments of all historical ages.

One of them is the Baba Vida Fortress, one of the best preserved medieval defence structures in Bulgaria.
This region, rich in history and culture is home to our winery, too.

Baba Vida - a medieval fortress, considered the only one fully preserved in all of Bulgaria.

Baba Vida

The Cross Barracks - was built by the local ruler Osman Pazvantoglu for the needs of the Turkish army in the city. After the liberation it served as a court and barracks of the Bulgarian army. Today it is a museum.

The Cross Barracks

The mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu - is a Muslim temple acting as a museum. A library is also included in the architectural ensemble.

The mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu

Konaka Museum - was built in the second half of the 18th century. It was used by the Turks for police control, and after the liberation the Bulgarian church community used it as a headquarters. Today it is a museum that covers an exposition from the period 1878.

Konaka Museum

Vidin Synagogue - the largest in the Balkans. It was built with donations from local Jews, who represented a large part of the population of the old quarter of Kaleto, as well as from Jews from all over the Principality of Bulgaria.

Vidin Synagogue

The gate "Stambol Kapiya" - built in the 17th century, was part of the fortified part of Vidin - Kaleto. It is known for the fact that in the past the road to Constantinople (Istanbul) passed through it.

The gate "Stambol Kapiya"

The Epigraphic Museum and Lipidarium - in the past it was used as a warehouse, and in the early 19th century as a gunpowder factory. It now acts as a museum for the display of epigraphic monuments.

The Epigraphic Museum and Lipidarium

Chuprene Biosphere Reserve - located 160 km from Sofia and 56 km from Vidin. Protected natural area extending into the land of the village of Chuprene, located in a small picturesque valley around the river Chuprenska, with an area of 1450 hectares. It has eco - hiking trails and nice picnic areas.

Chuprene Biosphere Reserve

The nearest recreation area to the town of Vidin. It is located near the village of Sinagovtsi, 20 km south of Vidin. In this beautiful place is the only tall forest in Northwestern Bulgaria. The place owes its name and charm to the red field peonies. It is suitable for eco bike rides, picnics and picnics. There is also an opportunity for hunting tourism.

Bozhuritsa area

The treasure from Raciaria - is located 27 km from Vidin. The remains of the late Roman and early Byzantine city of Ratiaria are located near the village of Archar. Archaeologists have found a treasure of gold jewelry - four rings, a hairpin, a pair of earrings with turquoise and pearls, a bracelet, two necklaces. To the treasure belong four spoons, one of which is broken into several pieces.

The treasure from Raciaria