We will welcome you as dear guests, we will peek into the history of wine, we will show you through the technical facilities, we will learn about the production technology, we will taste the noble drink - wine, to the sounds of symphonic music in the wine maturing rooms The Earth.
We also have a professional tasting for groups of up to 20 people.
You will also visit the organized exposition in the tower of the cellar of the history of wine production not only in the Vidin region.
And all this will be accompanied by tastings of traditional wines for the region and Bulgaria, such as Gamza, Rubin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, etc., as well as pleasant classical music and delicate cheese.
Other events that we could organize for larger groups by prior request are tastings in the Fortress of Baba Vida and the opportunity for short performances at the Cinderella of Vidin, as well as yacht trips on the Danube for smaller groups of up to 5 people. with on-board wine tasting from our cellar.

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10 BGN
Tour of the winery with a welcome drink
35 BGN
Tour of the winery
Tasting of 5 wines from local and classical grape varieties (including our top wine from the La vie bohéme)
Bread, local specialties, and mineral water
40 BGN
Tour of the vineyards and introduction to the local grape varieties
Tour of the winery with an explanation of the winemaking processes
Tasting of 6 wines.Bread, carefully selected local specialties, and mineral water.
Tastings in the winery are made by prior request by phone +359 879 218 519


 Dos Alamos Winery offers the following services to corporate and private clients:
  • Wine for corporate gifts:

Impress your business partners with a bottle of high-quality Bulgarian wine. We can personalize your bottles with a custom label with your company logo.

  • Wine for weddings and special occasions:

Surprise your guests and create great memories with our wines. We can give you advice on what wines to pair with your food menu and also to customize your labels for you.

  • Teambuilding at Dos Alamos Winery:

Spend an unforgettable day with your team among the vast vineyards and the deep cellars at our winery! Gain some hands-on experience in winemaking and create your own blends, learn how to properly taste wine, and conduct your meeting in our business room.

  • Wine training for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals

From wine tasting and wine-and-food-pairing classes to practical lessons in blending wine and pruning the vines, we can teach you any wine-related skill. Let us know what you are interested in, and we can organize a fun class or a very serious lesson for you.

  • Participation in the winegrowing processes

Become part of the winemaking process by volunteering to participate in pruning the vines or harvesting the ripe grapes, depending on the season. This is the best way to immerse yourselves in an authentic Vidin experience while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery in the vineyards. During harvest season, you have the chance to purchase fresh ripe dessert grapes and freshly squeezed grape juice.