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Dos Alamos Winery

Our goal is producing high quality wines for your satisfaction and our pleasure!

Wine production has been traditional way of earning a living since times immemorial.
Dos alamos Winery is situated in the
North-west part of Bulgaria and more specifically,
in Negovanovtsi village*, Vidin area.
It was founded in 2013, in this vine-growing and wine-producing
area of the Danubian Plain,
where the combination of sandy soils and temperate continental
climate contribute to the harmonious combination of the aroma,
sugars and acids of the grape varieties,
which are the foundation for creating unique and unparalleled wines.
It is a boutique winery, built in accordance with all state of the art manufacture technologies
Our goal is producing high quality wines.

Our wines

White wines

Red wines

Special Wines

When choosing the grape varieties, we decided to go for something Bulgarian – Rubin – selected in Bulgaria as the heir of French Sirah and Italian Nebbiolo, something traditional and classical.....

The winery

Vineyards are located in immediate proximity to the winery on a hilly spot lit by the sun all day long, which adds unique notes shaping at a later stage the unique finish of every sip of wine....

The vineyards

Growing healthy and quality grape requires the efforts of knowledgeable vine-growers, relying on traditions and experience. The grape is selectively picked up twice, aiming at choosing only the best mature bunches for production of high-quality wines....

The technology